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The classic video album

The classic video album suits all kinds of big events. Examples can be your wedding, christening or confirmation of your children. It can also be a special birthday party or a holiday trip. The classic video album typically only contains footage from a single event, and contains in-depth video with a total length of up to an hour or more. Because of this detailed content, it is typically split up into chapters, each with video from different parts of the day.

The classic video album can also be used for a "The year that went by" collection; a kind of non-searchable mini extended video album.

The process

First, you (and your guests) record your video-clips at the event. E.g. 20 small clips of 3-5 minutes each.
First, you (and your friends) record your video-clips at the event. E.g. 20 small clips of 3-5 minutes each.
We stabilise the image to minimise shaken picture, lifts up the colours and join the clips together as chapters.
We lift up the colours, stabilise the video to remove shaken recordings, and join the clips together as chapters.
The chapters are joined together on a Blu-ray Disc, DVD or USB stick.
The chapters are then joined together and presented in a personal stylish design on the media you want.

Prices and target formats

The price will first of all depend on the number of clips you have recorded, and how many minutes in total. But it will also depend on the media format you want. Your video album can take many shapes and sizes on different medias and formats; from a simple USB stick containing the raw files (in the file-format you wish), to a Blu-ray Disc with a stylish designed cover, label and on-disc menu.

The price will thus vary depending on your wishes. In order to give you an exact price, we will need to know more about what you have in mind. Call us at 0045 6130 2748 or send us a mail at kontakt@videoalbum.dk. Then we'll figure out a price and arrange how to receive your recordings.